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There are a few features of a breast milk teat. These features are that it should have a flow that is baby controlled or rather it should be a slow flow – so that the baby isn’t overfed. The shape should be deep and that mimics the breastfeeding tongue rhythm of the baby. The texture should be very similar to the real nipple and the base should be wide so that the baby thinks it is the real breast.

When choosing the best bottles for breastfed babies one needs to choose a bottle which is very akin to the motion as well as the flow of milk from the breast. It also means that one needs to select a bottle which is closest to the feeling of the breast. There are bottles which not only have wide mouths but also have nipples which simulate the process of nursing. There are bottles which have natural colored nipples as well as have graduated textures too. These bottles are also angled in such ways that it copies the position of the baby when they are nursing.

There are other bottles which have bottom vents and does not have tubes or valves which can be seen. That way a pure flow of air is created in the bottle while the baby drinks from it. This prevents the nipple from collapsing and it also minimizes the gas and bubbles.

The bottles are foodgrade and made of either silicon or plastic. These bottles can be filled either from the top or at the bottom and this makes them easier to clean.

Some of the bottles also require suction as well as compression for the milk to be released. This is harder than normal bottles but it is more similar to the actual process what happens when the baby breastfeeds.