How to choose the best bottles for breastfed babies?

Do you know that there are best bottles for breastfed babies which mimic the flow and feel of the breast?

Why you need feeding bottles?

Ok, but why do we need bottles when mother can breastfeed?. It is a universal truth that at least for three weeks it is best to breastfeed babies. However, It may not be always possible to breastfeed babies due to non-availability of privacy while travelling. It is at these situations bottles for breastfeeding babies helps. There are various bottles in the market. We have to choose the best that makes babies don't feel any difference. If the bottle doesn't feel right, babies may refuse to take the milk.

Factors to consider

 When you are in search of the best bottles for breastfed babies, it is important to keep certain points in mind. If we miss certain factors, you may end up with the wrong bottle.

Design - Design of the bottle is important since it should be as close to the looks of breasts as possible even though the warmth of the mother can never be replaced. There are certain brands which offer a built-in heater and that provide less air while feeding etc. You have to consider all the advantages and choose the bottle that fits your requirements.

 Experience - The bottle should not only look like breasts but should provide the feel of real breasts. The baby should have right feeding experience so that they are completely satisfied. You may look for user reviews and talk with people around who have used to find the best that your baby won't refuse.

Features - The features of the bottle is important since it can help reduce gas, acid reflux, colicky babies, less air while feeding etc. Take time to search through many brands since it is very important to choose the right bottle for the health of the baby.


You should always plan to keep your schedules in agreement to breastfeeding babies as per lactation consultants advice. The benefits of breastfeeding babies are proven and should not be compromised. However, in case it is unavoidable, you don't have to worry